Dusky-capped Flycatcher continues at Botanical Gardens

Lisa Ruby


I went to the San Diego Botanical Gardens a little after 1:30 today to try my luck with getting a look at the Dusky-capped Flycatcher. Ran into multiple other birders. It was calling for a short time when I got there, and did again a couple of times after that. At that time we couldn't locate it. Finally got a quick look and a few photos around 2:40. It was on a snag at the top of one of the smaller leafed trees on the far edge of the pond in the Bamboo Garden. There are two snags sticking up out of that tree. It was quiet when I saw it. From there it flew into the area where the two tall palm trees are in the Bamboo Garden and we lost it.

Other birders I spoke with had seen it in the bare trees near the sheds on the edge of the Bamboo Garden, and also in a couple of trees (my apologies for not knowing the tree name, both trees were of the same type) along the edge of the Subtropical Garden near the Bamboo garden. One of the trees was on the edge of the wide trail that runs between the two gardens, and the other was behind it on a second narrower trail. Facing the Subtropical Garden with our backs to the Bamboo Garden the area was to the left of the large bare tree.

One of the birders I spoke with said he'd been there about four hours, and the Dusky-capped made a loop from the Subtropical Garden and into the Bamboo Garden about once an hour.

Couple of photos in this eBird list:


Lisa Ruby
Sabre Springs

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