Bell's Vireo (Eastern); Oceanside/Carlsbad 30 Dec 2016

Tito Gonzalez

While out on CAOV CBC, I observed and photograph what appears to be an EASTERN BELL’S VIREO at 12:30 PM on 30 Dec 2016. This subspecies of BELL’S VIREO is very rare in SD county with 2-3 recognized reports including those from Gary Nunn in OCT 2013 at FRNC and Paul Lehman in Nestor (see Gary’s blog entry for more information ).  Almost certainly, this is a wintering bird.


I have recently learned from local experts that a recent paper has published showing the genetic differences between the Western and Eastern  Bell’s Vireo and that it is likely that the two forms will be split off as a separate species.


The location is near the Oceanside and Carlsbad border, essentially due west (slightly NW) from Buena Vista Audubon Society building.  It is on the southern part of dirt road/trial that runs parallel to railroad tracks on the west side. The nearest intersection is S. Myers and Eaton Street (west of railroad tracks). Walk east to dirt road/trail that runs parallel to railroad tracks. Following this dirt road/trail south takes you to location behind a residence with large eucalyptus trees. I observed the bird near these Eucs just before the trail descends down to some tennis courts. Photos/description is in ebird report.



Tito Gonzalez

Carlsbad, CA




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