Swamp Sparrow

phil Pryde

At least one of the Swamp Sparrows reported by Gary Nunn yesterday was still present at 4 p.m. today (Monday) along the path/roadway east from the Tecolote Nature Center. Although I only found one, it made a case for there being 2 in the area, as its plumage was slightly different from the one Gary photographed yesterday, in that today's bird had somewhat heavier streaking on the upper half of the breast than the one in Gary's photographs. Other than that, they appeared fairly similar. Like Gary's, this one stayed in cover, and moved around quickly. However, this one was observed just south of the roadway, mostly in the thinly-leafed tree near the eastern end of the Nature Center's developed display area, behind the green chair-link fence. A good description of the area where the birds were seen both days would be on either side of the roadway right where the grey DG (decomposed-granite) cover on the roadway ends.
Phil Pryde
San Diego

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