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Lisa Ruby

I was at the estuary yesterday and had a similar experience. Got lucky and manged to park during whatever event it was they had going on down there. I did not go to Seacoast Drive, but spent quite a bit of time on McCoy trail with Nancy and Russ Christensen, and also walked the trail between 3rd and SeaCoast. Found only a single Ridgeway's Rail, no Sora, and we could not find any Nelson's along the McCoy Trail. We did have at least three Large-billed Savannah's. We did hear a few Ridgeway's off in the distance somewhere.

Last Thanksgiving day during a 7 foot tide I recorded 18 Ridgeway's, 5 Sora, and a lot more shorebirds than yesterday.

Lisa Ruby
Sabre Springs

On 11/14/2016 2:41 PM, John Top jjtop@... [SanDiegoRegionBirding] wrote:
Lesley Marples and I spent a couple of hours bracketing high tide (8 - 10 am) along Seacoast Blvd this morning.

Populations were way down from previous years

We only had glimpses of a single Nelson�s, compared to getting good looks and photos of 2 or more in the past. In addition, we only saw one Large-billed Savanah.

Rail numbers were way down. There were no Virginias and only about a half dozen Ridgeways. I have seen more than that in and under a single bush previously




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