Opportunity for local birder?

phil Pryde

OK, I know this isn't exactly a bird sighting, but it might be an opportunity for someone who would like great birding out their kitchen window, and might result in additional good sightings being reported from a local birding hot spot, so with that hastily contrived rationalization, I pass along this heads-up from Jim Peugh:   
Phil Pryde 

Hello friends of Famosa Slough,

The only single family residence that is adjacent to Famosa Slough has just become for sale.  It has great views of the Slough and the wildlife there.  It would be a nice place to live if you enjoy watching and/or listening to the wildlife of the Slough.  It is located at 4298 Temecula St, San Diego, CA 92107.  The realtor handling it is: 
Dan Larson
Realtor, Ascent Real Estate
Jim Peugh
Barbara Peugh
Friends of Famosa Slough


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