Wed. Oct. 19th. pelagic

David Povey

Wednesday, after the SDFO meeting Alvaro Jaramillo, Gary Nunn, Justyn Stahl and I  ran out of San Diego Bay for a day

offshore. I don't have all the numbers as Justyn kept our eBird list and will post them there as time permits.

Some of the highlights were, Three Black Oystercatchers were on Zuniga jetty along with a few Surfbirds, and Black


A Parasitic Jaeger was seen at the harbor mouth on both exit and on our return. 

Brown Boobies were on two harbor channel  buoys. An adult female and a juvenile on # 4, and an adult male on the

S D (whistle) buoy.  We had another sighting of  Brown Booby inside the Nine Mile Bank.

Lots of Red-necked Phalaropes in the outflow tide lines of San Diego Bay. A small number of Red Phalaropes were near

the Thirty Mile Bank

Good numbers of Black-vented Shearwater on the outer edge of the Nine Mile Bank. Slightly increased numbers

of Pink-footed Shearwater, and two Sooty Shearwater were seen. the latter being absent on the last few local trips.

We had a bright white-rumped Leach's Storm-Petrel near the top of the Nine Mile Bank.  Black Storm-Petrel s seen only

near the Thirty Mile Bank and then only in small numbers. We did drive through the normal  storm-petrel rafting area.

No rafts seen.

An Ashy Storm-Petrel was in on the lower (southern)  portion of the Thirty Mile Bank (near 182).

Some eight murrelets were seen, all in pairs. Four ID as Craveri's Murrelets. Only a very few Cassin's Auklets were seen


Two flying loons were seen. A southbound Common Loon and a northbound (?) Pacific Loon.

A bit out of place was a Cattle Egret that came parachuting down to look us over as a landing site,  seen over the San

Diego Trough.

Sea conditions were a bit crappy today with mixed wave to 7 ft. on a short-ish interval.

Dave Povey




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