Magnolia Warbler and other TJRV/Nestor birds

David Povey

Ran in to Josh Lietzow at the Bird and Butterfly Garden. He had photos of what he thought might be a Magnolia Warbler.

I refound the bird in the Tamarisk at the northeast  corner, where it worked to the west along the line of trees.

Also present in the B&B , the  Black and White Warbler, a Red-breasted Sapsucker, and Western Kingbird.

At Nestor Park I had a Tropical Kingbird  (likely Paul Lehman's TK  from a few blocks away) That in the south west sycamores

with a dozen or so Cassin's Kingbird. Also saw Rich's adult male Baltimore Oriole,  it was chasing around a very pale young

female  Bullock's/Baltimore type Oriole that in a flowering Eucalyptus north end. The Female Vermillion Flycatchers was on the

school yard fence south end. A male Wilson's Warbler in the willows.


Dave Povey


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