Oct 9th BVAS pelagic

David Povey

The Buena Vista Audubon pelagic was held aboard the boat Daily Double out of Point Loma Sportfishing Landing.

We had exceptionally flat seas and near calm winds. Overall birding was slow with a few standouts.

All three jaeger species were seen and photographed. A immature LONG-TAILED JAEGER  was on the Thirty Mile Bank

in L.A. co. waters. We had a good jaeger show overall.

An early COMMON MURRE flew by the boat's bow some 5 miles west of Point Loma.

We had fair numbers of CRAVERI'S MURRELETS in the San Diego Trough and near the Thirty Mile Bank. Though this

species was hard to get on before the flew today. Photos ID eight with maybe another 10 left as murrelet sp.

COMMON TERNS were in modest numbers many harassed by jaegers. Elegant Terns now in much reduced numbers.

We did not find the storm-petrel raft today. Storm-petrels were completely absent west of the San Diego Trough,

and their numbers were extremely  low further west.

a partial species list with tentative numbers;

Pink-footed Shearwater -  10  -continue in low numbers

Black-vented Shearwater - 1400 - very few near shore

Leach's Storm-Petrel   -  3

Black Storm-Petrel   -  4   very low

Brown Booby   -  1   -an adult female on S.D. Buoy #3

Red-necked Phalaropes   -  800

Pomarine Jaeger  - 6

Parasitic Jaeger   -   4


COMMON MURRE  -   1   early


murrelet sp.  -10

Cassin's Auklet   -  30


Elegant Tern   -    5

Dave Povey



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