Subject: Ethics of listing hitchhiker water birds?

buck fairbanks

 Hello group

I have a question concerning the listing ethics of injured or otherwise disabled sea birds that make their way to docks/harbors obviously not under their own power. Is is appropriate to list these birds? As an example, is the Nazca/Masked Booby juvenile that I saw and subsequently "rescued" in Oceanside Harbor in October of last year listable?
Is the difference between the RF Booby mentioned in Stan Walens post being possibly of US waters origin and the Nazca/Masked Booby I was involved with, who's origin was unknown, make a difference in to list or not?
I'm not slighting anyone here for listing the bird, just trying to get clear on the ethics and how they vary from situation to situation. Who knows, I may run into another wandering booby someday.
As an aside, if anyone knows the final determination to species of the Nazca/Masked Booby, please let me know off list. Thanks.

Michael Martin
Oceanside, CA

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