Sunday Sept. 25th. BVAS/Grande pelagic trip

David Povey

Sunday Sept. 25th. the Buena Vista Audubon and Grande Pelagic was done under bright clear skies and warm temperatures.

Sea surface conditions were fairly light and overall bird numbers, with a few exceptions, were low. Winds were mostly

from the north 3-10 knots. Sea Surface temps 67-70 (have cooled). Large areas of broken loose floating kelp and dirty water,

thought to be from the recent high swell from hurricane/tropical storm Paine.

The following report is with general preliminary numbers which will be updated to eBirds as they are finalized.

partial species list:

Pink-footed Shearwater-   10-12   very low.

dark-bellied shearwater-   1    seen by a few,  possibly not a Sooty.

Black-vented Shearwater-    2500+

WILSON'S STORM-PETREL- 1   this bird seen at the north end of the Nine Mile Bank and photographed for I'd

                                                            based on bright white rump which wrapped under the tail, legs which extend beyond the tip

                                                            the tail, bold carpal bar. Overall all small size and fluttery flight style.

Leach's Strom-Petrel -  1

Black Storm-Petrel-     600-700   Areas of concentration were 50+ north of the Nine Mile Bank, and a couple of small to

                                                                 medium sized rafts on the upper end of the Thirty Mile Bank  (L.A.- S.D. co. line)

LEAST STORM-PETREL    12-15    Seen among the rafts on the Thirty Mile Bank  (both counties)

Brown Booby-  2    Not seen until the very end of the day, one each on different  S. D. Bay channel buoys

BLACK OYSTERCATCHER - 4  Ballast Point in the morning.

Marble Godwit  -  4   seen attempting to land among a raft of Black-vented Shearwater on the Nine Mile Bank. (?)

Red-necked Phalarope-   250

Red Phalarope-    3

Pomarine Jaeger - 1

Parasitic Jaeger-  2

jaeger sp.-  1

CRAVERI'S MURRELET-  2  (pos. 4)   flushed on Thirty Mile Bank.

Cassin's Auklet-  10-11

SABINE'S GULL -  1  imm.

Common Tern -  20

Elegant Tern    25

R/A selasphorus hummingbird-  1   Nine mile Bank

un I'd small passerine-  1    1 to 2  n.m. off Point Loma

Marine Mammals:

Long-beaked Common Dolphin- 25-30  (including one dead, appeared to have been bitten in half )

California Sea Lion -10


Dave Povey



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