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Susan Smith

Magnolia Warbler also  continues in the Sw loop area in ficus near dome sshaped pine section A-B section.  Jan nordenberg,janis cadwallader, marcie mason, sue smith 0930 . Sue smith, del mar

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Rich Norgaard just found a NORTHERN PARULA in the southeast section of Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery.

I was down there earlier today and lots of migrants arrived overnite. Yesterday evening a big flight of migrant Swainson's Thrushes calling over my house in Pacific Beach and many seen at the cemetery this morning.

It is very good birding at the cemetery 4-6:30pm so long as the wind does not pick up. All the grass cutting crews have finished work by this time and many birds can be located from afar by vocalizations and birds are busy feeding out in the open.

Best, Gary

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