The San Diego portion of the Searcher 5 day pelagic trip

David Povey

This tentative report  for the San Diego portion of the Searcher five day pelagic trip.

Sept. 5, 2016  Point Loma to the Nine Mile Bank, north along the Bank then across to the L.A. co. portion of the Thirty Mile Bank west of La Jolla.

About five hours. Complete numbers, and break down by segment will be posted to eBirds in the next couple of weeks .

Black-footed Albatross  1    -   17 n. miles west of La Jolla

Pink-footed Shearwater  -   numerous

Sooty Shearwater       2

Black-vented Shearwater  - abundant

Black Storm-Petrel     -  numerous

Leach's Storm-Petrel  -   small number  < 12   some may have been in L.A. co.

Least Storm-Petrel     4-5  near Thirty Mile Bank

Brown Booby     3

Red-necked Phalaropes    - numerous

Pomarine Jaeger    -    7-8

Parasitic/Long-tailed Jaeger    1   

Craveri's Murrelets    5  -together at the north end of the Nine Mile Bank     12 n.m. of Point Loma.

Sabine's Gull     1

Common Tern   -  numerous

Elegant Tern    - numerous

Sept.  9, 2016 returning to Point Loma across the Nine Mile Bank at day break    1hr.- 1hr. 15 minutes

Pink-footed Shearwater   -  1

Black-vented Shearwater    50-60

Black Storm-Petrel  50+

Leach's Storm-Petrel   - 1

Least Storm-Petrel    5-6    seen over the Nine Mile Bank and as close as 5 n. miles from Point Loma.

Brown Booby    1-   buoy # 3   off S.D. Bay

Common Tern  25-30

Elegant Tern    15


Todd McGrath, Dave Pereksta, Shawneen Finnegan, and myself as leaders,

A full report will come from Searcher Natural History Tours and Todd to calbirds.

Dave Povey


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