Lake Henshaw - Solitary Sandpipers, Aug 13, 2016

Gary Nunn

I boated around Lake Henshaw in the early morning Saturday August 13, 2016. Starting to get very toasty out there by around 9:30am...

Only nice highlight was a group of three SOLITARY SANDPIPER in the back (north) side where the small creek enters the lake. Excellent looking habitat back there but not too many shorebirds. Just as I arrived at the back a Peregrine came sailing over my shoulder and relaxedly took out a large shorebird knocking it into the shallow water. Picked it off then pretty quickly after a few passes but I could not see what species as it went by.

Also a high count of thirteen Spotted Sandpiper seen around the perimeter of the lake.

Gary Nunn,
Pacific Beach

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