Re: WOOD STORK over Del Mar Horse Park, 8:10 am Aug 10

Susan Smith

This is to follow up on my earlier report of the flyover WOOD STORK at Del Mar Horse Park, Del Mar, CA, this morning.  This flyover bird was seen by myself, Jayne Lesley, Patti Koger and Eve Martin at 8:10 am while we were doing the San Dieguito Lagoon Bird Survey for Area #2 (missed last Sunday because of the big soccer meet). We were on the San Dieguito River Trail that runs along the south side of the Del Mar Horse Park adjacent to some of the practice corrals. I was facing west when I saw this bird approaching from the west and it flew almost directly over our heads, flying east as if it was following the river inland, until it disappeared behind some trees at the western horizon. We could not chase the bird because we had to finish the survey, which we completed at noon.  I was hoping someone east of us might catch a glimpse of this bird.  It was a large,  whitish crane-like bird with a black and white wing pattern (we saw mostly just the underside in flight). It had all black flight feathers contrasting with white wing linings and underside;  a short, black squared-off tail;  a long neck completely extended in flight (tho drooped down slightly from shoulders),  and with a long, darkish slightly drooping bill, appearing stout at the base.  The legs were long and extended far behind the black tail, and I recall the feet looked pinkish, but not sure of this. Other birds eliminated: White Pelican has a similar wing pattern, but its tail is white, legs do not generally extend past the tip of the tail in flight, and its neck and head are thicker. Black-necked Stilt is much smaller; has different shaped and all black wings, has a white (not black) tail; a shorter neck and a thinner more delicate bill. Flying herons retract their necks in flight and have a different flight shape, and Sandhill Cranes do not have the same black-white contrast between wing linings and flight feathers.  I have notes on this bird if anyone wishes to see them.  

I have not heard of any resightings.   

Susan Smith
Seiurus Biological  Consulting
Del Mar, CA 

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Seen flying west to  east from Del Mar Horse Park san dieguito river trail..weSt of El Camino Real, and south of Via de la Valle. Sue smith del mar, ca

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