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Susan Smith

I tried for the bird this evening (July 29) between 4 and 5 pm and only got a brief glimpse of it (the STFL) when it flew up, did a kind of cartwheel and then disappeared in that little vegetated mini-canyon on the west side of the baseball diamond at  Twin Trails Park (I did not see the young bird). there were dragonflies zipping around over the grassy athletic fields.  

Susan Smith
Seiurus Biological  Consulting
Del Mar, CA 

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Good work Bessie!!  

The young bird looks like a juvenile Kingbird not a STFL.

Does this indicate a potential hybridization or just a really well developed maternal instinct on the part of the STFL??

For anyone else who goes, I popped by yesterday afternoon to try for the STFL and found an active Cassin's Kingbird nest that is easily visible.  There is a large eucalyptus tree right near the corner of the sand volleyball pit and the fenceline.  The nest is located about 30-40ft up in one of the large branches pointing in the direction of the volleyball pit.  There are two juvenile CAKI sitting in the nest, and I observed both parents bringing food to the babies.

Eitan Altman
San Carlos

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I went to the park and looked for the bird around 11:00am. I first saw two birds across the fence of the soccer field, near the elementary school. They flew, and I re-found them around 12:00pm on the fence near the baseball field in the park. Looks like they are flying around the area catching flies. From the look of them, I think it's a female and a juvenile, since the adult bird is not very red and the tail is not extremely long. The other smaller bird doesn't have a long tail, and was fed by the adult bird.

Happy birding,
Bessie Liu
Rancho Penasquitos

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