Yellow-rumped Warbler; Villa La Jolla Park 05 JULY 2016

Tito Gonzalez

I observed a male Audubon’s YELLOW-RUMPED WARBLER today 05 JUL 2016 at Villa La Jolla Park, in the NW section. This is an unusual time to see this species in coastal San Diego. There are no coastal July observations in E-bird for San Diego county and only a few in Southern California. Most June observations are early in the month. One exception was a female at FRNC reported by Gary Nunn on 30 JUN 2014. Since it is nearly 2 months until fall birds start to arrive, I suspect this must be an extremely late spring migrant or some dispersing failed breeder as Gary speculated for the female he reported. Whatever the reason, this certainly is an unusual time to see this species in the coastal area. Photos are in e-bird report:


Also of note, I observed a rare in summer male/female pair of BLUE-WINGED TEAL on 04 JUL 2016 at the Eastern part of  Batiquitos Lagoon.  Photo at:


Tito Gonzalez

Carlsbad, CA



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