San Diego Pelagic, Manx Shearwater, Red-billed tropicbird, Craveri's Murrelets

David Povey

The Sunday June 12, 2016 Buena Vista and Grande pelagic was met with mild seas and really good numbers of birds.

Trip highlights were a MANX SHEARWATER seen late in the day and photographed among a large raft of Sooty Shearwaters,

at the far north end of the Nine Mile Bank. This at about 14 n.m. west of Ocean Beach.

A RED-BILLED TROPICBIRD was near the "182 " on the Thirty Mile Bank, at 23 n.m. west of Point Loma.

Two CRAVERI'S MURRLETS  were found just on the inner edge the Nine Mile Bank, in the morning, at 7 n.m. s.w. of the Point


We had large numbers of Sooty Shearwaters, and Elegant Terns all day, and all distances.

No large raft(s) of storm-petrels was found, though we had several smaller rafts of Black Storm-Petrels (25-200) with a small 

number of ASHY STORM-PETRELS (1-6 )with some groups, once we were beyond 14-15 n.m.

Hugh quantities of bait fish (anchovy) were out on the outer edge of the Nine Mile Bank.  Captain James Mc Daniels mentioned

that the mass seen on the Grande's fish meters to be as large as he'd ever seen. (10-12 n.m.)

Sea Surface Temperatures remain right about were the been all winter and spring 65-66 F.

Partial species list;

Pacific Loon   1   (Ballast Point, S.D.Bay)

Pink-footed Shearwater     9    ( rather low? )

Sooty Shearwater   3200+  ( maybe under estimated )

MANX SHEARWATER   1  ( out of season here? ) photos

Black-vented Shearwater   190

Ashy Storm-Petrel    30

Black Storm-Petrel    600+


Brown Booby     1  Imm.  ( very low by recent standards )

Brown Pelican  110+  ( many well offshore )

Brandt's Cormorant  80  ( again well offshore )

Double-crested Cormorant  6   ( some to Nine Mile Bank )

Scripps's Murrelet    2

CRAVERI'S MURRELET  2   ( continues early summer arrivals of last two years)  photos

Cassin's Auklets    15

Least Tern    9

Elegant Tern     1800

Western Gull   190

Heermann's Gull  60  ( all adults )


Humpback Whale   2-3,   Minke Whale 1.    Whale sp. 3-5  , Thousands of Common Dolphin ( some i.d. as Long- beaked  ).


Dave Povey




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