Pelican breeding?

phil Pryde

   This past Thursday I was at Lindo Lake and immediately noticed four White Pelicans enjoying life there, obviously a little late for wintering birds.  One quick look through the binos showed the one in front to be a bump-billed adult, and the three following behind to be pink-billed juveniles, one with still a little brown speckling on the wings.  
   Seems unlikely they nested at Lindo Lake;  the four giant-sized moochers are probably hanging around for the free fish (or fish tacos).  The obvious question:  where were they born?  The bird bible (SD County Bird Atlas, p. 117) states that "there has been no suggestion of White Pelican nesting in San Diego County [since 1933]".   Soooo, does anyone have any knowledge of where a White Pelican nest exists in SD County?  Or might this little family group have come here from outside the county?  

Phil Pryde 
San Diego 

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