Nazarene College and Ft. Rosecrans Cemetery, May 18

Susan Smith

At FRNC there was a big influx of WILLOW FLYCATCHERS ...I counted 11, all of which were repeatedly giving their distinctive 'Whit' call. They almost equaled the numbers of Western Wood Pewees seen and outnumbered the Pac Slopes. I counted 6 just between the north fence line to just past the Admin building on the west side. Others were scattered throughout the cemetery (tho I didnt cover the southern reaches),  and at the Eucalyptus Grove, one was perched very close beside a Western Wood Pewee giving a good comparison.  RED-BREASTED NUTHATCHES continue, two were feeding in the pine just inside the west side's northernmost entrance.  The Warbler of the Day was Yellow Warbler (17), though there were lots of Wilson's (10)and Warbling Vireos (15) too.  No real rarities.   At the Nazarene College trail along the eastern boundary, no Ovenbird or rare vireos, but ran into Dave Trissel, who pointed out a MACGILLVRAYS WARBLER.  A fun bit of entertainment was watching a newly fledged Cooper's Hawk chasing a hummingbird around along the west side "dip" fenceline at FRNC !

Susan Smith
Seiurus Biological  Consulting
Del Mar, CA 

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