Re: Franklin's Gull; Torrey Pines Lagoon Mouth 18 APR 2016

Tito Gonzalez

I am attaching my Ebird report which includes a couple of documentation photos taken at quite a distance and are highly cropped.  While not as good as view from spotting scope, they are still quite useful. My rationale for Franklin's over Laughing Gull is also included.

I did stop by the Los Penasquitos Lagoon (correct Lagoon name) mouth late in the evening before sunset and did see the bird again around 7:20 pm.  All the terns went to sea and I was packing up when I saw a single bird  return to same location described in original report. It was the subject bird. So an early visit to location on Tuesday may be worthwhile.

Tito Gonzalez
Carlsbad, CA

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