Black headed Grosbeak photos

phil Pryde

I'm replying via the list serve to the request from Roger about photographing BHGRs, because others might be interested in the recommendation.  

Hi Roger, 
     There was a FOS (for me)  BHGR at the seed feeders at Silverwood Wildlife Sanctuary (13003 Wildcat Canyon Rd.) this past Friday.  The little scrounges will be at the feeders from now on.  
     An easy photo if you don't mind a feeder in the picture;  a little harder if you don't want a feeder in it.   
     Silverwood is open to the public on Sundays 9 to 4 (no charge; donations appreciated).  Park in the lot by the entrance and hike 1/4 mile up the paved road (or the parallel trail) to the observation area where the feeders are located.   
     You can get lots of good shots of other birds there as well (e.g., Hooded Orioles, Juncos, CAQUs, etc. ), around and under the feeders.  
Phil Pryde  
San Diego 

Has anyone seen any Black Headed Grosbeaks around yet?  I'd like to try and get some good pics of them if I can this year,  so if anyone knows of a spot where they allow a fairly close approach please let me know.  Or a spot to reliably see them at all.   -   Roger Uzun,   Poway CA

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