Black footed albatross on Shelter Island?

phil Pryde

I received the following message today from a friend, based on an e-mail she received.  I have not seen the bird myself, so the info and pictures in this  message are third hand.  Perhaps someone who's  in the Pt. Loma area tomorrow (Tues.) a.m. could stop by the Bali Hai at the end of Shelter Island and check it out?  
Phil Pryde 

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Subject: Fwd: Black footed albatross

Does the birding community know about this bird?
I am in Arizona now.
- Barbara Peugh

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Date: March 21, 2016 at 9:42:35 AM MST
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Subject: Black footed albatross

Good morning Beep.
Joyce took pictures of this underage(for Mai Tais) birdie at the Bali Hai dock this morning. Cool I think.

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