Coastal Cactus Wren

buck fairbanks

While walking Bear the Dog this afternoon at the northeast end of Batiquitos Lagoon in the La Costa/Aviara area, I saw an unexpected  Cactus Wren. It flew from a patch of Coast Cholla to a dead tree, where it perched for 5 minutes or so. The location is ~33.05.39 N, 117.16.23 W, accessed via a power line easement south from Sanderling Ct. I'm not aware of this being a documented location for this sp. but the habitat seems good. West facing cactus plants in coastal sage scrub, with water close by. We saw a Cactus Wren in Borrego Springs last weekend but certainly didn't expect to see one here in Carlsbad.

A California Gnatgatcher was also in the area.

Michael Martin

Oceanside, Ca

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