Fallbrook Live Oak Park Lewis's Woodpecker

buck fairbanks

The Lewis's Woodpecker continues in the northeast corner of the park. Actually, I spotted it up the hill, outside the park in a rural residential area to the east of the park boundary. The WP was frequenting a wooden power pole supporting a right angle turn of two power distribution lines. The pole, like most upright items made of cellulose in the area, had been used as an acorn granary, presumably by the resident Acorn Woodpeckers. The small pond in the same area had no Wood Ducks that I could see, but there was a Belted Kingfisher pair fishing the pond. Nutall's WP and of course Acorn Woodpeckers were active. A flock of 25 or so Band-tailed Pigeons flew in and out of the park.

Thanks to Ken Weaver for first reporting the Lewis's and for motivating me to visit, once again, Live Oak Park in Fallbrook.

Michael Martin

Oceanside, CA

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