Painted Redstart still seen again this morning - West Shepherd Canyon/Tierrasanta

Mary Cairns


Sally Symanski and I birded the Canyon today following prior emails (Sara, Paul and others) for the Painted Redstart.  We began the trail off Claremont Mesa Blvd around 9:30a, and ended at 11:30a.

The target bird was seen in the trees briefly on the left of the trail about opposite of the culvert (on the right).  The other location was past the junction of the cement trails and heading east on the dirt trail,
just past the area with the water in it on the right hand side.  It wouldn't sit still for a picture, but we got nice views of it.

Another nice view was of a female summer tanager.  Didn't see the male summer tanager darn it.  It was around the first siting of the redstart.  

There was one woodpecker/sapsucker we couldn't quite figure out.  Noting the prior posts, we thought perhaps the hybrid Red-naped x Red-breasted Sapsucker (it was near the robins and flicker past the junction).  We didn't see any color on it (not great lighting), the back was more like the red-naped, but it never called, and the drumming was definitely one or the other (listening to my iBird Pro sounds).  So not a Nutall's - which we did see earlier in the walk.

Other nice birds: black phoebe, red-shouldered hawk (several times, including being harassed by 2 ravens, and one chasing a red-tailed hawk), robins, spotted towhees, anna's hummingbirds, lesser goldfinch, house finch, song sparrow, northern flicker, white-crowned sparrows, yellow-rumped - townsend's and orange-crowned warblers.  A flock of cedar waxwings made an appearance, and we think there were several flocks flying around during our walk.

Appreciate the good directions from others for the location - neither of us had been there before, certainly an area to go back to.


Mary Cairns
Point Loma/SD

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