UCSD: Red-naped Sapsucker; Lower Sweetwater misc. - 12/5&6/15

Steve Ritt

While leading a bird walk at UCSD this mornning, there was an adult, male Red-naped Sapsucker feeding on numerous, fresh sap wells west of the Health and Wellness Center (477672 m E, 3637972 m N). This whole N-S stretch from south of here and all the way north to Genesee could very well be loaded with other sapsuckers, of which it has held before.

Yesterday, the lower Sweetwater River had a returning Eurasian x American Wigeon Hybrid (but I missed the pure Euro.), and a smattering of returning Wilson's, Yellow and a new Black-throated Gray Warbler in nearby neighborhoods.

Steve Ritt
San Diego, CA

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