Townsend's Solitaire continues at Russ and Park Blvd

John Bruin

Hi, I was able to refind the Solitaire this afternoon around 3 in the same general area that Millie and Peter originally found it on Nov 27 and a number of people have found it since, so it appears to like the area as it's been there now for over a week. I arrived at 2 and not a whole lot of activity other than multiple Yellow-rumped Warblers.  Just as I was about to leave around 3 a larger bird flew across the road and landed in the bushy tree next to the High School sign and it was the Solitaire. Not sure where it flew in from but other people have found it near the sign which is just east of the intersection of Russ and Park Blvd.

It hid in a tree so not the best photo but one here:

John Bruin
Bay Park

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