Lake O'Neill and the NeoCorm

phil Pryde

        I was in north county today and decided I'd check on Lake O'Neill to see if the Neotropical Cormorant was still hanging out (I dipped the NECO last year). .  
        Short answer:  It was, but the lake almost wasn't.  
        The Neotropical Cormorant was on an island (the only island) near the north end of what's left of the lake, keeping company with 5 DC cormorants.  
        The Marines continue to drain the lake (I don't know why), it's currently about 50% mudflats, so it's questionable how much longer the cormorants will be around.  On the other hand, the lower lake might make it easier for them to catch fish (?). 
        A quick primer for anyone who might want to go there to tick the NeoCorm off their bucket list, it's the somewhat smaller and much blacker (especially on the breast) of the six cormorants.   The best viewing point (if it's on the little island) is from the camping and recreation area on the northwest side of the lake.  A scope is desirable. 
Phil Pryde 
San Diego 

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