possible Mew Gull

phil Pryde

   Late Monday afternoon (about 4:30, medium high tide) I was at the SD river flood channel, south side near skateboard area, looking at the sand bar island where all the larids like to hang out.  After about five minutes of unexciting birding, a single small gull flew in, circled around, and landed near a mixed flock of terns (not near the WEGUs).  It had yellow-ish legs, and looked a little smaller than nearby ELTEs, and much smaller than nearby CATEs and BLSKs.  There weren't any RBGUs around to compare it with, but I felt it looked a little smaller than that, and the general "giss" didn't look like a RBGU (bill seemed "daintier", for example).  I only had binos with me, no scope, so I couldn't tell what bill markings it might have had (or not had).  
   If anyone should be at the flood channel today with a scope, you might check out the gull island for a lone, small gull.  See if it mews. 
Phil Pryde 
San Diego 

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