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Jimmy McMorran

While surfing at Beacons Beach in Leucadia with my wife today (12/14/13), two Northern Fulmars were floating just beyond the surf zone.  One of them almost white, the other mottled. I can't say they appeared unhealthy, but who knows. Beautiful birds nonetheless. Especially at close range and at eye level on the water. 

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Jimmy McMorran
Leucadia, CA

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Steve: I have not heard of any recent investigations, but Northern Fulmars occasionally suffer significant mortality events. Common causes include emaciation in hatch-year birds and problems associated with algal blooms. You can search for past investigation results at the National Wildlife Health Center website here:

They also have contact information and case submission instructions on the website. The Western Regional contact for the Lab is listed towards the end of each quarterly report.

Bruce Rideout
La Mesa

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annette snider (sic) sent me this
A biologist reported that she found a sick Fulmar at Torry Pines State beach by flat rock. She also saw 5 other gulls that were sick or dead. She brought the Fulmar to rescue agency and the told her that five additional birds were brought in the next day. Does any one know what is going on? She would like to know.

plus i had heard of a sick or dead fulmar about a week ago chula vista area

steve brad
leucadia and this week mammoth lakes

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