TK at Butterfield

phil Pryde

On an annual fundraiser birdathon over the weekend, one of our stops was at Butterfield Ranch on S-2 in the Borrego valley. At around 6 p.m. on Saturday, we were checking out a small flock of presumedly migrating Western Kingbirds in the back grassy fields at Butterfield when I noticed one of the kingbirds looked a little different. On further inspection, it proved to be a Tropical Kingbird. It had all the distinguishing features that separates TKs from Westerns - an obvious "V" in the tail, a lack of white outer tail feathers, the yellow on the breast extended up to the base of the throat, and a bill that was clearly longer and heavier that a Western's. It flew off with the Western's and was apparently migrating with them, so it may not have stayed around Butterfield too much longer. Sorry, no pictures.
Phil Pryde
San Diego

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