Bird Festival, "San Diego 100" trip

phil Pryde

The "San Diego 100" BF trip on Thursday enjoyed great weather and very cooperative birds. Highlights included both a Costa's and an Allen's Hummingbird at Lake Murray, an imm. Herring Gull at the Kiowa St. boat ramp area at Lake Murray, a Glaucous-winged Gull seen from Robb Field, the continuing Eurasian Wigeon that's east of the W. Mission Bay Dr. bridge, Tricolored Blackbirds at Lindo Lake, California Quail and Fox Sparrows at Silverwood, the Yellow-crowned Night-herons at Sports Park, a close-up Ridgway's Rail at the TJ Estuary Visitors Center, a Red Knot on the Bay side of Silver Strand St.Park, a very cooperative California Gnatcatcher at Lake Murray, and, in the realm of introduced avifauna, Scaly-breasted Munias at Lake Murray and two psittacines, Lilac-crowned parrots at Lindo Lake and Red-masked Parakeets in Ocean Beach. In all, 127 species (125 ABA countable), plus a Golden-crowned Sparrow that only Phil saw.

Phil Pryde and Steve Ritt

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