Pelagic portion of Oceanside's CBC

David Povey <dpovey@...>

Matthew Binns, Jimmy McMorran, Bruce Rideout, and I did the pelagic portion of the Oceanside CBC. Beautiful conditions though the forecast was dire.

Highlights were;


Black-vented Shearwater    86

Brown Booby       2      We actually had three separate sightings. The first bird an all dark juvenile southwest of the O-side pier. A sub adult Brown Booby, with some white on the breast, was seen west of the Carlsbad power plant. The third Brown Booby

                                           sighting was of a very similar plumage bird  to the number two Brown Booby. We' hoped that photos would be conclusive as to whether we were seeing the second bird again or  perhaps a third. Nothing of any help so we felt best to                         

                                           stick with two for the count. I am fairly sure they are the first for Oceanside's CBC.

Pelagic Cormorant    1       A lone bird on the rock jetty well back in the Marines portion of the harbor.

Surfbird      4                  Outer side of the north jetty.

Wandering Tattler    2    on the jetties

Red Phalarope         12   scattered

Pomarine Jaeger       1   this bird in nearly black plumage

Common Murre         1    north of power plant

Ancient Murrelet      8    We had three single birds come into the gull flocks. One so close I had to back the boat up to see it. We also had two pairs of birds, seen at close range. We may have had a couple more escape our ability to positively Id. them.

Cassin's Auklet          84

Bonaparte's Gull     230

Thayer's Gull               1     1st. winter bird just south of the harbor


    Gull                             2    both 1st. winter


notes. Brandt's Cormorants were in big numbers here, about 600.  Most years going back into the 1970's that species has often numbered less than 20 here, with a low count of 1 and high of 77.

              Heermann's Gulls  also seemed in strong numbers, California Gulls, on the other hand, numbers seemed  low today.


Pacific White-sided Dolphin, Common Dolphin and California Sea Lion were seen.


Surface water temps remain warm  59.5 to 63.1.


Dave Povey

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