Reply to Steve Ritt's request

phil Pryde

Hi Steve,
In reply to your draft CBC list, here's feedback from Area 23:

The Ross's Goose was swimming with a small flock of Brandt in the southernmost part of Pond 10 in S. SD Bay, less than 100' off shore, a little east of the north end of 7th Street. At that close proximity, the stubby bill, pink lower mandible, and grayish tone on the portion of the bill closest to the face were well observed by all.

Unless there was a second one sighted, the Black Scoter was observed in SD Bay at an 11:30 clock angle from the Bay observation point at the east end of Grand Caribe Ave. in Coronado Cays. It was a male, at an estimated distance of perhaps 150 yards out. Through my eighty-power Questar the bright orange-yellow bill knob (and completely black plumage elsewhere) was clearly visible. We looked in the vicinity but didn't note any other probable Black Scoters of either gender.

Since both of the above birds were seen in the week or so prior to the count by extremely competent birders, I'm assuming no detailed write-up is needed?

We were also surprised by 4 Barn Swallows flitting by along the Silver Strand State Beach coastline, but I believe others said they also observed Barn Swallows, so I guess they aren't all that unusual here in December.

I have to collate the results from our three sub-groups, which I'm in the process of doing at the moment, so my goal is to get the Area 23 results to you no later than tomorrow (Monday).

Phil Pryde

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