San Diego rarities, Dec 4

Tom Benson

I spent a rather successful day (Dec 4) birding around San Diego in search of a few county birds. My highlights are below. Photos on my Flickr page.

Robb Field: 3 continuing Ross's Geese and one that appeared larger and slightly longer-billed that I thought was a Snow X Ross's Goose hybrid.

Quivira Basin: continuing Marbled Murrelet.

Encinitas--Cottonwood Creek Park: continuing immature male Orchard Oriole. I missed the White-throated Sparrow and both vireos.

San Diego Botanic Gardens: six Varied Thrushes, all in the small ravine in the Canary Island Garden just east of the admission booth.

Lake Hodges--Bernardino Bay Trail: a male Eurasian Wigeon with hundreds of American Wigeon and other ducks at the east end of Lake Hodges, as viewed from the northernmost point on the trail (the one that runs along the south shore of Lake Hodges from Bernardo Drive, just in case I screwed up the name of the trail). I also found an immature male American Redstart in the willows along the trail about 100 yards southeast of the northernmost point on the trail. It was calling constantly as I was walking back to my car, but I did not hear it as I was walking out. I had no luck with the Zone-tailed Hawk.

Tom Benson
San Bernardino, CA

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