North County "Continuing" Pacific Golden Plover and Hermit Warbler (12/3/14)

Jimmy McMorran

Hi Birders,

The PACIFIC GOLDEN-PLOVER continues at its usual location in Del Mar, just East of the Pacific Coast Highway bridge at the San Dieguito Lagoon Rivermouth. A couple years ago I saw its head peeking out from the distant pickleweed, and never looked for it since. So today (12/3/14), I thought I'd look for it when there was some rain when dogs and humans would not be so abundant. As I got down to the sand, a Peregrine Falcon passed by and got all the birds on edge. A couple flight shots of the plover in the rain are at the link below if interested. Also, is a "dorsal view" comparison shot of a Black-bellied Plover and this Pacific Golden-Plover,  both taken recently in San Diego County, for somewhat comparative plumage for the season.  

First 3 Images:

I again observed the Hermit Warbler (I mentioned in a previous post) pass through my yard. So am now assuming it is the returning Winter visitor to my hood.

Good Birding,
Jimmy McMorran
Leucadia, CA

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