TJ Valley, TRKI, PESA still present

phil Pryde

     This morning (Nov. 2) the Pectoral Sandpiper (more than 1?) was still at the main Dairy Mart pond, usually (this morning at least) hanging out in the vicinity of Dowitchers.  Didn't see the Lucy's at the southern Dairy Mart pond, but I was only there about 15 minutes. 
     Further west  on Saturn, the Tropical Kingbird was quite active where Paul said, on the wires (with 2-3 CAKIs) by the big field with elongated compost piles in it.,  Hint:  If the TRKI isn't on the wires, at the south end of the closest compost pile, you'll see a small garbage pile consisting entirely of organic matter (fruit, etc.).  It probably has lots of flies, etc., around it,  and the TRKI and the CAKIs like to take a break and go down there to snarf mini-protein tidbits. 

Phil Pryde 
San Diego

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