Red-tailed Hawk's, San Pasqual Valley

Kerry Ross

Hi All,
  Yesterday, Bridget Spencer and I were trapping Red-tailed Hawks (RTHA) in San Diego County (permit required). The first bird we captured was a huge female, weighing 1760 grams (weighed 2 times). Pete Bloom indicates that he might have banded one that was 1750 grams over his 50 years of trapping. Our second bird we captured was a "recapture" that had a federal band on her leg from a previous banding effort. After looking up the data from our past banding efforts, we found out she was originally captured in 1998 as a hatch year in the Ramona area. She is 24 years old! That's older than Bridget!!  :-)  Pete Bloom knows of a 28 year old RTHA that was recorded in the past. 

Keers (as the MAMU says)

Kerry Ross
Bay Park

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