SDFO New Year's Day pelagic

David Povey

Thanks to all that braved the interesting seas this morning. About 33 of us ventured offshore to the North end of the Nine Mile Bank and then into La Jolla.
The Mission Beach Jetty had a dozen to 15 Surfbirds, and at least two Black Turnstones.
Then the surprise of the day was a well seen Red Phalarope. Yes. apparently they do exist. They have been MIA most of the fall 2021. This bird was near the Nine MIle Bank.
Offshore we ran into a couple of Rhinoceros Auklet almost right away. Then found them common off La Jolla for maybe 50+ for the Day.
Good looks at Scripps's Murrelets, in pairs, perhaps a dozen
Cassin's Auklet  something less than 20
Pomarine Jaegers  6-8 some 
The Nine Mile Bank a distance and seen only by a few Black-footed Albatross. (I 'd like to give credit where due here but as the call in from the stern I don't have that person's name, so any help there?).
Two dark bellied Sooty/Short-tailed type Shearwaters. (If you have photos of either please
 forward them to me?)
Many Black-vented Shearwater  4000-5000 range
No shortage of Northern Fulmar all color morphs.
Brown Booby   2-3
Two well offshore Forster's Terns  
Bonaparte's, Heermann's, California, and Western Gulls 
Brown Pelicans, and Brandt's Cormorants

Three whale spouts were seen inshore, and may have been Gray Whales. A lone very tall spout west of the Nine MIle Bank was more likely a Fin Whale. 
Lots of Common Dolphin, A Bottle-nosed Dolphin was in the bay. 
Then some  California Sea Lions, and a lone Harbor Seal filled out the marine mammals.
Our fish list consisted of a Mola mola ( aka Ocean Sunfish )

More details to be posted to our eBird list, and please any contributing photos would be appreciated..  

Dave Povey

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