Oceanside Observations

Kenneth Weaver

Yesterday (12/21) my wife and I observed three Yellow-crowned Night-Herons, 
two adults and one immature, on the lower San Luis Rey River between the
I-5 bridge and the train trestle to the west.  They were on the river bank
opposite the bike trail roosting with the many Black-crowned Night-Herons.
One or two have been observed sporadically by multiple observers since at least 
July.  Hopefully, they will stick around for the Oceanside count.

A single Elegant Tern associated with a large Royal Tern flock on the beach north 
of the river.  Definitely a late bird.  May it stick around a while longer, too.

The rains of last week opened the mouth of the San Luis River, significantly
dropping the water level.  Most ducks and other waterbirds have either moved
on or retreated upstream beyond the I-5 bridge.  Many can be seen from the
bike trail on a river lookout between mile markers 0.8 and 1.0 (painted on the

Ken Weaver

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