Re: Swan: Batiquitos East 27 Nov 2021

David Trissel

The Trumpeter/Tundra Swan found yesterday by Tito continued at the far east end of Batiquitos Lagoon today from at least 6:45 to 9:45. The bird moves around a lot and hides in the reeds for extended periods of time. It never came close to any vantage point that I could find. First spotted from El Camino Real just north of La Costa Avenue, then seen from the north side (Chollas Point?), then disappeared for over 30 minutes, then spotted again from El Camino Real and then it headed due west. So we tried from the “normal” trailhead/overlook on Batiquitos Drive (hotspot) and were unsuccessful.

I’m hoping someone with good digiscoping skills is able to get some good ID shots. I did not see any yellow on the bill/face through the scope, despite seeing it from many angles and in different light.

My eBird list is here:
Description: Too distant to determine which it is. Bill looks entirely black in scope. Cannot tell relative bill size/shape. Black appears to pinch down and barely touch the eye giving the impression the eye is almost isolated from the black.

If anyone would like to experience a little bit of the frustration of looking at a too-distant swan for three hours, here is my Flickr album of 45 very distant, blurry, grainy attempts to photograph this bird:


David Trissel
San Diego, CA

On Nov 27, 2021, at 6:16 PM, Tito Gonzalez <> wrote:

I'm including more information on swan I observed just before dusk. As many of you know, Swan ID at Batiquitos is complicated as Trumpeter Swans introduced to Lake San Marcos are known to occasionally visit the Lagoon. Furthermore a Tundra Swan was found last year at this time. So both are known to visit the location. I was able to use my improving digi-scoping methods to get a reasonable highly magnified image despite the distance and conditions. The picture and some observation notes are in the following ebird report. I'm interested in any comments and tips regarding ID.

Tito Gonzalez
Carlsbad, CA

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