Indigo Bunting, Tropical kingbird, White-winged dove, 8 Pewees

Seems like more regular migrants around today, Thursday, than most previous days. On the rarity front, there was an Indigo Bunting early this morning in a bluebird/yellow-rumped flock near the Bennington monument at FRNC. Also at the cemetery was a Hammond's flycatcher. Along Coronado Avenue in Coronado there was a White winged Dove and a Tropical Kingbird, the latter perhaps a returning bird for another winter? After a big (record) glut of White winged Doves during August and the beginning of September there had been virtually none along the coast since the second week of September until this bird. Lastly, I've also had a very surprising eight pewees today, four on Point Loma and four in Coronado, a large number for October. While none of them have called, they all look like typical Westerns.

Paul Lehman, San Diego

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