Re: Painted Bunting update (and Clay-colored Sparrow)

David Trissel

Geoff Veith re-found the Painted Bunting at 12:30 in the House Finch flock by the east bathroom. This is the bathroom closest to the dog park. There’s also at least one Clay-colored Sparrow there as well.
eBird checklist with photos here:

David Trissel
San Diego, CA

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The somewhat dull with a little bit of green Painted Bunting that Bridget found at the southeast ball field infield area at Doyle Park, in other words right near the pine trees the Bay breasted Warbler was in a week ago, would come and go with the House Finches until they got flushed too many times and most of the house finches disappeared and the painted bunting sat in trees immediately to the east of that field and then flew west across the entire set of ball fields and landed in a pine tree next to the main rec center building near the west side of the park. Hopefully it will continue to come periodically down to weedy and grassy edges, either on its own or with house finches. Painted buntings tend to be rather shy so it may or may not tolerate all the human and dog disturbance here very well.

Paul Lehman, San Diego

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