8 Harris's Hawks, Tennessee, wintering Hammond's


On Saturday morning the group of Harris's Hawks at Jacumba has increased to eight birds! Sitting in totally dead or half dead cottonwood trees off the Northeast side of town. As usual look north from Campo and Seeley or Campo and Carisso. Early and late in the day at this site will likely be most reliable as the birds will likely move all around the edge of town foraging during the rest of the day.

Yesterday, Friday, there was a brief Tennessee Warbler out on Point Loma which vanished pretty quickly. And the wintering Hammonds Flycatcher has returned for its second year to the nice little Genesee Highlands HOA park which is only a block or so to the southeast of Doyle Park in UTC. An adult male Bullocks Oriole in Villa La Jolla Park is very likely a returning wintering bird.

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