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Max Leibowitz

Besides the Canada Warbler that I only saw the one time in the bushes by the parking lot, I had the dull Blackburnian just as a huge thunderstorm came roaring on through close to noon. Put my camera away in the carnot thinking I was actually find this warbler when I saw this storm coming in. I was the only remaining birder of the morning crew still around. It was by the dry stream bed (referred to as a ditch as well) west of the ball field low at the edge of one of the pines between 2 or 3 smaller trees (32.8250045, -116.5318128) moving with a mixed flock of at least 3 or 4 Wilson’s, 2 Yellow’s, and a Nashville. I only had the Blackburnian briefly for like 20-30 seconds before losing it for good. Checked the trees by the restrooms south of the ball field before leaving to nothing being there. Just be cautious of a dull female Townsend’s that is in the area though it wasn’t close by at least for me at the given time. That same bird teased a few of us early on in the morning when it was very high up in the pines. The wind picked up a ton once the storm started coming through and dumped a good amount of rain so I left before it got too much. My eBird list will be up later this afternoon.
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On Sep 24, 2021, at 9:27 AM, Nancy Christensen <nancy.r.christensen@...> wrote:
Continuing at Pine Valley County Park. Currently in flowering trees bordering park g lot. The Blackburnian from yesterday seems to be AOL.

Nancy Christensen

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