Two Stilt sandpipers, Pectorals, Black-throated Sparrow

On Sunday morning the 5th there were two Stilt Sandpipers right after dawn at drawn-down Pond 20 which is the pond a third of a mile east of 13th Street at the salt works, but unfortunately not long after first watching them they just vanished and have not been seen again. One bird was in juvenile plumage and the other bird was either in mostly basic plumage or a juvenile that had mostly molted to basic. Also there were two separate Pectoral sandpipers there, one of which was hanging out in the southwest corner of that pond. Also a female Yellow headed Blackbird flew over a couple times.

Back on September 2nd, I had an immature Black-throated Sparrow in Coronado, the fourth coastal- slope Black-throated Sparrow this season, which is certainly above average.

Paul Lehman, San Diego

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