San Diego pelagic--Cook's P, Laysan A, Nazca B, Buller's S, July 18 2021

Gary Nunn

Five of us headed offshore Sunday July 18 2021 venturing almost due west over the San Diego Trough to The Corner, then cutting up the 30 Mile Bank to The 182, and from there obliquely back across the trough and back to SD Bay.  Conditions were okay, but after 10:30 am wind picked up a bit and wind waves, small but mixed swell was a bit lumpy and blown out everywhere.

On the west side of the trough we encountered a BULLER'S SHEARWATER on a beeline north.  Then 30 miles about west of the tip of Point Loma we pulled up on the 30 Mile Bank with good numbers of Pink-footed and Sooty Shearwaters moving.  Here we had a LAYSAN ALBATROSS pass headed north.  We continued west a bit further, finally stopping and putting out a cod liver oil slick 32 miles west of Point Loma pretty close to The Corner.  On the slick we had Black, Ashy and Chapman's form of Leach's Storm-Petrel. Then two COOK'S PETREL passed by close but kept going north. Continued waiting at the slick paid off when a third and much more cooperative Cook's Petrel appeared cutting back and forth close around the boat and eventually settling on the slick for close photos.  We waited about two hours in total and just before leaving Jim Pawlicki called out an adult NAZCA BOOBY going south!  We also had two Brown Booby here including a nice adult male "brewsteri" with a white head.

Only a handful of murrelets were seen flying in the distance during the day and ocean surface messy windblown so it was hard to spot much sitting around out there.  Did not see any jaegers or migratory tern species. We saw few birds on the return leg but about 5 miles west of Point Loma came up on fish "foaming" at the surface, feeding frenzies, and big concentrations of birds overhead including several more Brown Booby.

-- Gary Nunn, Peter Ginsberg, Dan King, Jim Pawlicki, Matt Sadowski
Gary Nunn
Pacific Beach

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