Neotropic, the other Indigo

Monday morning, I arrived at Morrison Pond near Bonita just before 6:00AM and the only cormorants present were two Double-cresteds, so I then went at 7:00 a.m. to Sweetwater Reservoir when it opened and did not see the Neotropic there either, with the only small highlight being my first fall migrant Wilson's Phalarope of the season. But then I returned to Morrison at 8:00AM and the Neotropic is indeed now here, perched along the south side of the pond. Given that the bird is an adult, there's a reasonable chance it's one of the couple individuals that were here last year at this same time of year.

On Sunday, visiting birders Marantz and Bevier saw the FEMALE Indigo Bunting off the northwest corner of the Bird and Butterfly Garden, the first time the female has been reported in quite some time. This isn't far from where it was found with fledglings last summer, along that path that runs from the northwest corner of the garden westward to the equestrian parking lot. They had no luck refinding the Mississippi Kite yesterday.

Other than the continuing two or three Black oystercatchers, yesterday morning's seawatching at La Jolla was very slow.

Paul Lehman, San Diego

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