White-winged Doves in North County

Kenneth Weaver

I observed seven White-winged Doves today at Wilderness Gardens
County Preserve.  This included two counter-singing individuals at the
parking lot at the east end of the preserve and two more counter-singing
birds on the Camellia Trail at the west end.  The birds were first observed
at the preserve by Charity Hagen in March of last year.  My observation
represents a high count, but will likely be broken if the birds produce young.

Another likely location for breeding by this species fairly close to the coast
is the east end of the San Pasqual Valley.  Clark Mahrdt and Jan
Nordenberg have consistently found White-wings there on the  past several
Escondido Christmas bird counts.  The area doesn’t receive much attention
at this time of year.

Ken Weaver

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