Hepatic and miscellanea


I arrived on Warner in residential Point Loma just before 8:00 in time for Alex to point out where the hepatic was sitting up in a eucalyptus tree and we heard it calling a bunch but could not see it and then it shut up and there's no sign of it since, this is in the eucalyptus trees at 3710 warner. If it's still in the area it can go either north or south and feed perhaps in the blooming silk oak trees that are just half a block either direction. While most of us probably saw one of the wintering hepatics in the county this year, this may well be the first late spring record of this species ever on the coast in California. A number of such previous reports then turned out to be dusky-billed Summer Tanagers. Alex also had a very late Townsend's warbler at the corner of Warner and silvergate, and I'm looking at a pewee while I wait for the Tanager possibly to reappear.

Earlier this morning I was seawatching at La Jolla where I had two southbound Common murres, plus continuing two black oystercatchers, and the first noticeable push of black vented shearwaters of the season with 400+ birds in a feeding frenzy.

Yesterday's landbird migrants on Point Loma included two pewees and a Willow Flycatcher.

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